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The Ganske Story

The Ganske Family

Ganske's Bed and Biscuit is a family owned business ran by Patricia and Jonathon Ganske and our two children Brianna and Caleb. We were raised with a deep love and respect for all animal and love instilling that same belief into our children.

Welcome to Ganske's Bed-n-Biscuit

Patricia "Patti" Ganske

Veterinary Technician on Staff!

Patricia Ganske is a certified veterinary technician who also has a bachelor’s degree in animal science with a pre-veterinarian emphasis. She has worked in veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, and humane societies for over twenty years. She loves all things about animals and continues to take animal health classes; to keep up to date on the constant change of health care for animals.  She loves working one on one with people and their pets as well as has a strong interest in animal nutrition and behavior. Another passion she has besides training dogs is working and training cats, yes they can actually be trained.  She has trained/tamed several cats from Dane County Friends of Ferals, which is an organization that rescues cats that were going to be put to sleep because they are to wild and deemed unadoptable.  You might see some of these kitties as well as our beautiful goats, alpacas, and sheep on our farm.

Patti Ganske is also a member of:
     WVTA = Wisconsin Veterinary Technician Association
     ABKA = American Boarding Kennel Association
     SVBT = Society Of Veterinary Behavior Technician
     BDACC = Beaver Dam Area Chamber of Commerce

Jonathon Ganske

Jonathon Ganske is a Beaver Dam native, and has a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural education. He has taught high school students about the care of animals, plants and conservation for over twenty years. He also worked in boarding facilities for two years prior to opening his own. Prior to going to college, his family owned a farm where they raised pigs, so his love for animals started young. He loves all  animals and is looking forward to the opportunity of working with you and your pets.  Besides working in the kennel, he also teaches agriculture at Beaver Dam High School. 

Brianna Ganske

​​​​​​Brianna Ganske , our daughter, grew up helping us in the kennel. She enjoys helping out when she’s not at school. She loves cuddling with the kitties and dogs. She’s a runner and soccer player, so she really loves running with the dogs in the yard and playing soccer with the ones that are interested. She is also following in her mother’s footsteps when it comes to love for the medical field.  She is hoping to some day become an orthopedic doctor or do sports medicine. She is a Trenton Highlights 4-H member, a Beaver Dam FFA member, plays high school basketball, golf, and soccer.

Caleb Ganske

Caleb is a helper in training.  He has grown up so far helping us in the kennel.  He loves cuddling with cats and running with the dogs.  He has a real passion for talking and loves to greet everyone that comes into the kennel.  He likes to share all he has learned so far about caring for animals with their owners. He also enjoys reading his books with the kitties and dogs that visit. He is also a runner and soccer player like his sister, so he loves running with the dogs.  He has followed in his mom’s footsteps when it comes to the love of animals.  He loves all animals and they tend to love him, especially the really shy ones.  He has a natural gift for animals.  He loves to help train dogs and tame feral cats.  He feels that all animals deserve love and he plans to give it.  He, besides playing soccer, is also a member of Trenton 4-H.